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NetCulture servers

The network in use at NetCulture is based on a variety of machines. These are mainly Pentium processor based and run on a number of different operating systems. The reason for this being that we need to ensure that we can provide different solutions depended on our clients requirements and also have the relevant tools in our possession to test advances in Internet client server technology.

As with any organisation, we have a firm commitment to be able to offer the most efficient systems for our customers needs. We therefore run Unix as our main server based operating system. These systems are coupled together only for systems administration purposes and solely operate to serve inbound and outbound requests of data from the Internet. This allows us to be able to provide the fastest turnaround time from a request for information.

Our Virtual Domain and Web accounts are accessible using all the normal tools for remote system administration. You may connect using ‘ftp’, ‘telnet’, or ‘http’ to manipulate your files and server side applications. In addition we have all the main tools needed for our clients to develop and compile their own products, e.g. ‘perl4-5’, ‘cc’, ‘java’ and standard Unix shells.

Unlike other web presence providers on the Internet, NetCulture believes that rather than limiting our clients access to the servers, this should be encouraged. This allows a more free understanding of how the systems operate, and also enables a more dynamic approach to systems that can be developed and sited on our systems.

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