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Specialist in site hosting since 1996, NetCulture can place your organisation's complete Internet system on the Net for only €36 per month.

NetCulture can site your organisation's web, ftp and e-mail servers on the Internet for you. You can then reference your web site using an address similar to ‘www.yourcompany.fr’, allow file transfer from 'ftp.yourcompany.fr' and also have email through to your own system as ‘jbloggs@yourcompany.fr’. Our Full Virtual Domain accounts also have the option of secure servers (SSL) for the use of secure data transfer.

Any international domain address can be allocated to your account e.g. '.com', '.co.uk', '.fr', '.de' etc.

A complete FAQ is on-line giving details of all our server details, if you have any queries then please do not hesitate to use our on-line response form.

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