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Who are we
NetCulture servers

Overview of NetCulture

We specialise in providing quality world wide web, file space and e-mail servers for our clients who do not require a permanent Internet connection link themselves. This is done by means of renting space on our system which can then be addressed with your choice of domain name e.g. ‘www.yourcompany.com’ (virtual domain account). Once your web pages are loaded, you may then promote your own companies / organisations Internet Web Site, ‘ftp’ Server and Mail Hub. As long as your company has a simple dial-up connection, your account can be managed remotely by 'ftp' and / or ‘telnet'.

Our site is strategically located in Europe to provide our clients with one of the fastest and most effective web systems available. The NetCulture price promise ensures that we can offer the cheapest rates available. All our prices are based on simple to understand options, we offer unmetered traffic and have no hidden charges.

As the development of the Internet goes on at full speed, we are able to provide low cost WWW space, whilst still retaining a professional and complex system for our clients to exploit. As one of the first major web site networks, we can provide tailor made systems for any organisation.

Company Background

The company was formed in 1994, initially developing Internet based applications and server projects on Unix and PC operating systems. Our wide ranging expertise on both the Internet and web development, have brought us into a position where we can now offer complete on-line solutions for our clients. Our main objective is to provide our customers with a prime European based network which they can exploit to promote their own organisations using the world wide web, as an Internet accessible file base for ‘ftp’ and also as a main e-mail server.

By concentrating our efforts solely on offering Internet accessible file space, we can not only provide much faster throughput than conventional Service Providers, but also offer the most cost effective solutions available in Europe.

Over the past five years since the explosion in use of the Internet, we believe that to survive we must ensure that our services fill the following criteria :-

  • High speed data access speeds
  • Top quality server utilities
  • An efficient support service

To that end we have committed ourselves to never overload any connection link further than our published data bandwidth ruling. We have consultants constantly reviewing advances in server side technology and making these available to our valued clients. Support is always a critical element in providing computer services, we have trained professionals who can advise on problems appertaining to our clients accounts, and also to related issues where applicable. In our view, if any problem can be addressed by providing information from our large amount of expertise then this should be made available to our customer base.

If there are any further details that you would like relating to NetCulture, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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