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When your account is created with NetCulture, an IP number is assigned. You must then contact either, the InterNIC to register '.com', '.net' or '.org' domains, or your local registration service in your country for domains ending in for example '.de' or '.fr'. A full list of local registries can be found here.

It should be noted that you should check to ensure that your domain name is still available BEFORE ordering services from NetCulture. You will also find that registries usually require that your system be responding to your name before they can complete the process.
The following steps should therefore be taken :-

1 Check to ensure that your chosen domain name is still available.
The following search will provide details from the InterNIC '.com' domains etc., and also from most European NIC registries.

Enter name e.g. 'yourcompany.com' or 'yourcompany.de' and press 'Search'

This may take some seconds, NIC response times can vary !
2 Send through your account order details to NetCulture.
3 Submit your domain registration to your chosen registry. Full technical details will be provided by NetCulture.

More information can be found on domain names and how they function here.

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