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NetCulture can provide a complete electronic mail solution. This is in the form of simple POP3 accounts. All mail will be handled using your own organisations address e.g. 'jbloggs@yourcompany.com'.

Your domain name will need to be registered with a local registration service in your country. NetCulture will manage your domain on their name servers allowing complete 24 hour access of mail delivery to your site.

Access to retrieve and send your organisations mail can then be done using the following method:-

Simple POP dial-up

We have many clients who use the FREE Pegasus Mail client for Windows. At any time during the day a connection is made to their local Internet Provider. Once connected they use the 'Multi-POP' function of Pegasus Mail to download all new messages and send all queued mail waiting for delivery for each user on their local network.

The 'Multi-POP' function of Pegasus allows mail to be held in different directory areas for each user on a LAN (either Windows peer to peer networking or Novell). In short this provides a very low cost solution for an organisations full E-Mail server.

Please note that with the ever changing advances in Internet technology, our server utilities are constantly being updated. If there are any services which you specifically require then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@NetCulture.net.


We can offer a 40% price reduction on our Virtual Domain Account for your organisations full Internet server.

Service Set-up Price
E-Mail Server (10 POP3 e-mail accounts) 26.70 29.70 per month

Full Virtual Domain Account (Web and 'ftp') - 40% discount 11.40 21.80 per month
20 Additional E-Mail (POP3) accounts 18.30 14.50 per month

We accept Visa and Mastercard, cheques or direct debit (French accounts only), once your order is received the account will be 'on-line' the same working day. To order, check your chosen domain name then print out a copy of the E-Mail account application form. Complete the form and then fax it through to NetCulture on +33 (0)1 4035 3194. Please note that account applications can not be accepted by electronic mail.

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