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Secure servers
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Level 2 with a secure address of https://www.yourdomain.com

This virtual domain account addition will enable you to load secure pages into a specific sub-directory on your server. You can then refer to these pages using standard HREF html commands.

Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for data transfer on the Internet uses a key and a certificate. The key file is generated on the server and then used to send a request to be issued with a certificate. The price of this certificate is charged at $125 US per year. NetCulture use Thawte Consulting as their preferred certificate authority.

Coupled with our standard pricing policy of not charging per Kb nor transaction, NetCulture have worked out a standard fee for unlimited use of the secure servers. The price details are as follows :

Description Set-up Monthly
Full Level 2 Secure Account System
53.40 85.10
Reseller Full Level 2 Secure Account System
53.40 46.50

Upgrade from Full Virtual Domain to
Full Level 2 Secure Account System


Reseller Upgrade from Full Virtual Domain to
Full Level 2 Secure Account System
53.40 26.70
Please remember that the above prices do not take into account the cost of your certificate which you will need to purchase directly from Thawte. Thawte have partners throughout the world and allow payment by cheque or credit card in the majority of major currencies.

Before registering for a certificate with Thawte, you need to provide them with a CSR. A CSR is an encrypted request for certification used in the actual certificate itself. This means that there are three easy, but specific steps to be followed in setting up your Secure Server. These are listed as follows :-

1. Send your order to NetCulture for your new secure account. New accounts should use the standard order form available here. Upgrades should complete our upgrade order form.

Once your account is created we will send to you the CSR which is then required for step 2. A copy of your private key file will also be sent to you which you should keep safe.
2. Connect onto the Thawte web site and request your server certificate. You will be asked for your CSR which NetCulture will have provided for you.
3. Once certification has been approved, you will be issued the actual certificate. This should then be sent to accounts@NetCulture.net. We will then install this on your server which will then authorise secure transactions on your domain at the address of https://www.yourdomain.com
If you have any queries about this procedure then please contact us at accounts@NetCulture.net

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