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NetCulture can offer excellent discounts on any 'virtual' accounts resold by our clients.

To facilitate reselling, we have made special efforts to ensure that the identity of NetCulture is concealed to all users accessing our site. In principal, anyone reselling products will take on the full responsibility of dealing with their client. Under no circumstances will NetCulture accept any direct support from clients who have resold accounts, all support must come via the reseller. We put no restrictions on prices that may be charged for products resold.

What is required to resell accounts ?

As long as the first account is a full Virtual Domain account then anyone can participate in the discount program. You should indicate your existing domain name on each order to qualify for the price reduction. All billing will be made on your main account with NetCulture. Please remember that we require a full contract to be completed for each product sold, which will be between NetCulture and the reseller. This should then be faxed or posted through to us in the normal way, we can not accept any orders by e-mail.

Should you need any further information on the V.A.R. program then please send a message through to info@NetCulture.net

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