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As most people know, speed is increasingly becoming an issue on the Internet. It is however not the easiest problem for users to isolate and correct. In simple terms for example, it may be a bottleneck at either the Service Provider which the user is connected to, or a bottleneck at the site from which data is requested. Whilst NetCulture can never claim to be able to provide sustained transfer rates to and from any given point on the Internet, as this is beyond our control, we can commit to never overloading our bandwidth onto the net.

The following is a calculation which we use as a rule in providing our clients with a commitment that when using the NetCulture systems, speed will never be compromised. We work on the basis that our clients web servers receive approximately 2,150 requests per month. The average size of a web page including graphics is around 120K. Using these figures we can produce the following :-

Total per site traffic per month :
{2,150 requests/month} * {120K} = 258,000Kb or 252Mb

Now to work out the actual bandwidth per client :
{258,000 Kb/mth} / {30 days/mth} / {24 hr/day} / {60 min/hr} / {60 sec/mn} = 0.1Kb per second required for each site.

Our commitment is to never allow this to run below 0.2Kb per client. This in turn means that each site is capable of handling up to around 500Mb per month in transfer, the majority of our clients only use a fraction of this amount. The actual amount of the Internet link which is allocated to be used by our clients systems is only 75% of the actual capable bandwidth, which allows the free bandwidth to only come into play during exceptional circumstances. NetCulture believes that adhering to this commitment will ensure that we can provide not only exceptional service on our servers, but also a sustained rate of data transfer to users requesting data from our clients systems.

Remember that NetCulture does not run as an Internet Service Provider, we simply ensure that the bandwidth we have available is to be left for our clients to exploit to their full advantage.

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