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Databases accessible via web page cgi / php scripts are now quite commonplace on the Internet. We have MySQL loaded on each our servers. Databases can be created to hold anything from product information for clients to search upon, to doing lookups on personnel files etc. We do suggest that you are familiar with SQL before attempting to use MySQL.

MySQL is an extremely powerful database application which is compatible with ANSI SQL.The relevant libraries for Perl and PHP are precompiled which allows any web page to create, modify or delete data held within tables in the database. All our servers support the use of phpMyAdmin which is an excellent server utility for MySQL database administration.

phpMyAdmin can be used to not only manage the database structure, but also to implement extensive SQL queries and lookups. Data can be simply uploaded to our servers using phpMyadmin directly into your database tables.

A wealth of information can be found on the MySQL web site, you will find full documentation on how MySQL operates.

The creation of databases can not be performed by users on the NetCulture network (this does not limit table creation). Please direct any requests to accounts@NetCulture.net, including the desired name of the new database.

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